Be the change everywhere you go, others will follow
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Be the change everywhere you go, others will follow
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Reusable face mask from organic cotton



The single-layer mask is made in Poland from high-quality cotton – organic muslin (GOTS certificate).

Adapts to the shape of the face, thanks to the flexible insert at the base of the nose, as well as knitted rubber, the length of which can be adjusted to your needs
comfortable to wear, gentle on the face, easy to breathe, provides free air flow, which reduces sweating, it is suitable for washing and ironing at a temperature of up to 60 degrees, which kills bacteria and viruses.

Why is it worth having it, especially in a pandemic?
prevents the reflex transfer of germs from the hand to the nose and mouth area, which is a common cause of infection, replaces disposable protective masks used by nurses, cosmetologists, nail stylists, and representatives of other professions.

it will not contribute to massive pollution of the environment with disposable masks

Colors: anthracite, olive, dirty pink, plum and teal – please comment after the purchase

One size fits all – please contact us if you need a mask for a child


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