Be the change everywhere you go, others will follow
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Be the change everywhere you go, others will follow
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Rulonique | minimalistic cosmetic organizer


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This 10-pocket cosmetic organizer has been created to inspire minimalism. Do you need this much cosmetics and accessories when you travel? Or maybe you can get by with simple hygienic products like soap bar (with dedicated pouch), shampoo bar (unless you have soap for the whole body, which works for you), toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor, nail file and maybe something to tame your hair (hair tie, headband)? If you need some makeup accessories, mascara and eye pencil will also fit in there.

Just roll it out and find the products you are looking for in an instant. You can also hang it on two hooks in a bathroom for even more convenience.

You could also use Rulonique as your ready-to-fly travel kit with the basics already packed. The basics, which can go to your carry-on bag on the plane as it has no liquids inside. If you never unpack it after the trip, you can be sure you won’t forget your toothbrush and won’t have to buy a plastic replacement in a hotel!

Did you know that “rulonik” [roo-law-neek] in Polish means a small roll?  Our product is also very unique, thus the name 🙂 Btw, rulonique is a protected trademark in the EU.

material: natural linen with cotton

size: 35 cm x 25 cm

washing instructions: just throw it with like-colors to your washing machine, max 40° C.