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There are already products with Christmas motifs in stores, right? It is also the last moment to plan New Year’s Eve. This festive time is connected with the eternal feminine dilemma – planning a New Year’s Eve look. That’s when we, women, google “fashionable hairstyles” and “hairstyles of the stars” to find a perfect match for us.

Undoubtedly, celebrity hairstyles have inspired us for centuries. People known in show business are considered role models, but some of them are real icons. In the 1960s, Marilyn Monroe and her platinum hair were such a model. Few people even now know that Marilyn was born as a brunette, and rumor has it that at the beginning of her career it was her husband who convinced her to try a completely different color. Anyway, Marilyn’s hairstyle – short, wavy, blond hair – is certainly her hallmark.

In the 90s, Rachel Green from TV series called „Friends” and her many different hairstyles, like layered hair and highlights or buns and updos hold with a hair clip. All of these looks have been copied by her beloved fans. Every hairdresser knew exactly what the words: “A Jennifer Aniston, please.” In addition, the actress is still considered a model to follow when it comes to hairstyle, and journalists follow every change on her head.

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