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Beautiful waves, thick buns, long braids … Some women get us envious of their hairstyles. Is this due to genetics or good hair care? Here’s what you need to know to have healthy hair.

1. Get to know your hair

First of all, it is worth knowing what cosmetics to choose for yourself. Only thanks to this you will be able to properly care for not only your hair, but also your scalp. The most commonly distinguished types of hair can include: normal, oily, dry and mixed. Another category is origin, and here we can distinguish European, Slavic, Indian, Asian and African American hair. Your hair type implies which hair products and styling tools you should use. If you have a problem with self-determining the type of your hair, ask a trychologist.


2. Magical preparations for split ends

Don’t be fooled! The only way not to have split ends is … regular hair trimming, strengthening and not allowing them to split in the first place! You can buy cosmetics that will smooth the hair and prevent splitting. Do not count on the fact that damaged ends will return to great shape.


3. Let you hair down!

Did you know that if you like to have your hair tied together and use rubber bands, you actually make it prone to damage and split more quickly? If a hair band also has metal parts, the hair is even more vulnerable to damage. Some women, however, do not have the ability to let their hair down every day. If this is your case, make sure you choose hairpieces and bands, which are  safe for the hair cuticles, made of elastic materials that allow them to be easily removed from the hair without pulling them. Another solution is hair clips, such as the British, patented invention Linziclip, which will help you come up with many different hair styles, without doing any damage to the hair.


4. You are what you eat

Never forget that even the best shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils will not help to strengthen your hair if you do not provide them with the necessary ingredients from the inside. You can also use synthetic vitamins from the pharmacy, but it is always the best to have a balanced diet. Make sure to bring dark green vegetables (spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale) into your daily kitchen routine. They have huge deposits of iron and vitamins A and E, known for their beauty qualities. Try to eat a few nuts a day. Nuts have valuable omega-3, vitamins A, D and E, as well as zinc and selenium. Remember about proteins that are the basic building blocks. You will find them in meat, eggs and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and kefir. Lots of protein also have legumes, such as beans and chickpeas.


5. Do not torment your hair

You must be aware that changing your hairstyle three times a day can have unpleasant consequences for their condition. Frequent drying, straightening or curling can very quickly damage your hair. It is also worth knowing that you should not brush wet hair because in that state they are the most sensitive and vulnerable. Instead of a new curly style, give your head a rest. And best of all, do a scalp massage in the shower. Your hair will be extremely grateful.

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