Menstrual cup

Riding the cotton pony

Riding the cotton pony

Menstrual cup in


Eco-revolution is on its way all around the world. Wherever you look around, you’ll find incentives to live zero-waste and get back to nature. It’s not like one person won’t change anything, because big changes start with brave individuals. So dare and try to look at your immediate surroundings.


An embarrassing problem


Do you remember the situation when after changing a menstrual pad at your high school bathroom you realize that there is no trash can in the toilet? Have you ever put a used pad, wrapped in toilet paper, in the back pocket of your trousers, because your friends’ trash can is so exposed that everyone would notice the crimson present? Imagine yourself in the middle of a forest while camping – what will you do with a bloody tampon? Periods are still a taboo and considered a sensitive and shameful topic. Women try to do everything to hide something that is natural. Thankfully there are several brands, which are breaking the bloody taboo, we a very open approach in their commercials. Red stain instead of simple water on the tampon etc. Finally! I am sure it will soon take the stigma out of periods.


Riding the “silicone” pony


In the meantime, if you are still not comfortable with the red stains on cotton products, try using a menstrual cup. There is nothing more ecological and zero waste.


Menstrual cup – how does it work?

You have menstruation. Now you can only think about it twice a day. Sounds incredible? Menstrual cups provide up to twelve hours of reliable protection. How often you have to empty it depends, of course, on the intensity of the bleeding. In addition, you can do whatever you fancy – run, swim and sleep peacefully all night without worrying about dirtying your bedding. If the cup is applied correctly, you may even forget that you have it, because you don’t feel it at all. The task of the cup is to collect menstrual blood inside, which you can empty in a convenient place and time.


How to apply and remove the menstrual cup?

Start by washing your hands, because hygiene is extremely important here. The cup should also be clean. Fold the cup the way you see it in the picture.


How to apply a menstrual cup


Insert into the vagina in the same way as you always did with a tampon. When you place it quite deeply, just let it out of your fingers and let it unfold and fit. You will immediately feel whether you have applied it correctly. To be sure, you can try to gently twist it. Be careful to catch only the bottom, not the handle of the cup! And that’s all! If you are not sure how often to empty it, proceed exactly like tampons or sanitary pads. Change every two or three hours and observe the amount of blood in the cup. How to remove the cup? Insert your fingers into the vagina and press the bottom of the cup gently – this way it will be able to suck. After removing, rinse with a gel for intimate hygiene or just water if you don’t have any soap handy. Remember to boil the cup in boiling water for three minutes after the end of your period.

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