Be the change everywhere you go, others will follow
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Be the change everywhere you go, others will follow
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Our sponge is a versatile product: it can be used for washing dishes and other surfaces, but also as a peeling sponge for the body. Luffa or loofah is a year-round climbing plant with beautiful yellow flowers. Its fruits are similar to zucchini or cucumber. During maturation, the interior transforms into a dense net of fibers in the shape…

Octowipe is an ultra-thin cotton cloth that is used to keep the descaling fluid in check so that it works exactly where you want it to.  It absorbs the right amount of liquid, perfectly sticks to the surface, and allows the agent (choose a toxic-free option: vinegar) to dissolve the deposit for several minutes.  Hassle-free!

Our napkins are sewn from the remnants of post-production materials, deadstocks or defective materials – we want to give them a second life. And you will have the opportunity, along with the gift that you wrap in a scarf, to convey something much more to your gift receiver: the idea of not wasting and respecting…

Our cleaning pads were made of coffee bags, which were given to us by a coffee roasting plant next door. Each unsponge consists of three layers: jute – the material, which once was a coffee bag 100% biodegradable linen

In connection with excessive use of chemicals in agriculture and horticulture, degradation of the so-called buffer zones, there is a lack of valuable food and shelter for wild pollinators. Each of us, planting a micro flower meadow in a garden or pot, makes a small gesture of friendship towards the environment. This portion of seeds…

This dishwashing soap bar is more than just a washing-up liquid. It is a miracle that removes grease and dirt from all kinds of dishes and it is completely plastic-free! safe for people and the environment ecological and vegan, in recyclable packaging Using the bar is very easy. Simply rub the soap with a damp…